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by The Jimmy C

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Joseph Anderson Notes for this track say the artist is not happy yet with this song. I think its ready. Check for yourself. Favorite track: Astro ZX-9 (outtake).


This is a collection of experiments and left-overs from the Glamour & Fame album sessions. These tracks were left off Glamour & Fame either for being too similar to a better track, stylistically wrong or just 'cos I didn't like them at the time.

01. Astro ZX-9 - an old instrumental I tried to revive but still wasn't happy with the final result.
02. Better Days - I have trouble writing rock songs... I didn't think this cut it.
03. Moon Tide - Another instrumental written a while ago that I wanted to record a better quality version of. It turned out too similar to La Mariana so it was cut.
04. Don't Cry - a different take cut up to make it full length and new vocals added. I think the vocals are actually better in this but the rest didn't cut it.
05. Australopythicus - A baroque instrumental of the quiet/loud/quiet formula. The main riff is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata though I probably unintentionally stole it from The Shangrila's Past, Present And Future. One of the guitar licks in the loud bit is probably the best lead guitar work I've ever done.
06. A Certain Sadness (Part 2) - too much like Part 1 to make the final cut, and not as good.
07. I Got So Much Nuthin'... - The second take is sometimes not as good as the first.
08. Il Deserto Delle Delize - Another old instrumental re-recorded. Not very well written in my opinion.
09. The Mighty Sound - Another troubled rock song. It's technically ok I suppose... It just didn't fit with the Glamour & Fame style.
10. The Back Roads To Ruin - This is take 1. Take 2 was better and a little different.
11. La Mariana - Choir only edit. This is just me being surprised by my own singing. Call it vanity or showing off...
12. Once Knew A Goil - an attempt at an ironic love song about a sexually transmitted disease. I tried a few things (including backwards vocals) and thankfully re-worked it into "Dead Songs For Dead People".
13. Once Knew A Goil (satanic version) - I wasn't too confident in the ironic lyrics so I tried singing satanic gibberish and reversed it.
14. You Look Like A Loser - When a song only goes for 20 seconds it's worth doing it twice. This is version 2 wit hsome mouth trumpet instead of the lead vocals (which weren't very good the second time round.
15. Oh My Soul... - I thought it was too long and it seemed way too slow. Take 2 was the same length so I edited some instrumental bits out and was happy.
16. (Theme From) The Littlest Hobo - I loved Terry Bush's "Maybe Tomorrow", the theme to the TV show The Littlest Hobo. Even though I don't convincingly hit the high note in the pre chorus I still like this song. Sadly the original is full of nasty synth and bad 80's production.
17. Just A Fool - This is take 1. The breakdown is a little different and I didn't think it was as good as take 2.
18. (Theme From) The Munsters - Vic Mizzy's "At The Munsters Place" is pure genius. Sadly you have to be a good guitarist to play it. Maybe I'll try again in a few more years... wishful thinking.
19. Hyde & Seek - I recorded my fake 60's spy movie soundtrack at the same time as Glamour & Fame. This one is an alt. version where I replaced some whistling and mouth trumpet with Stylophone. If it's good enough for Rolf Harris & Bowie it's good enough for me.
20. Moondoggie & Kahuna - So many old instrumentals that I wanted to record "properly". It sounds better than the late 90's 4-track cassette version... take my word for it.
21. Come On Down Riverside - this is an edit of take 1, a vocal and an instrumental version have been edited together to make a normal length song. Take 1 didn't have the same vibe as take 2.
22. Bonus track: Once Knew A Goil (More Satanic Version) - just for fun here's the reversed version so you can hear my clever satanic lyrics.

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released July 27, 2011

Jamie Coghill - Everything (no matter how embarrassing).



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The Jimmy C Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne based musician Jamie Coghill has been making his own music as The Jimmy C since 2005. He plays all the instruments, sings all the songs and records and mixes all the sounds. Jamie contributes music to the popular "Adventures Of Superseven" American Web Series and has played drums with a bunch of Melbourne bands. ... more

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